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  • Why use a collection agency?

Many debtors will pay a collection agency even though they never cooperated with the original creditor. The debtors sometimes realize you are serious or don't want a damaged credit rating or to go to court, therefore it is sometimes possible for the agency to collect when the client was not able to.

  • How long will it take for you to collect my money?

Not all claims are collectible as some debtors may skip, file bankruptcy, become deceased or just refuse to pay. The age of the debt also plays a part in how long it may take to collect anything, if the debt is old and/or the debtor requires backup paperwork, that can prolong any collections.

  • What if the debtor disputes the debt or just refuses to pay?

If the debtor disputes the debt, we will provide them with an documentation you can provide us to prove the validity of the debt. If the debtor refuses to pay, we will suggest legal action.

  • How actively do you pursue bad addresses?

We continue to try to locate debtors for at least 6 months to a year, then we usually keep checking back on the account monthly to see if any files have been updated, such as credit bureau files, new address, employment, so we can locate them. The account is looked at weekly to make sure every effort has been made to locate the debtor so that we can then try to collect.

  • Does the age of the debt make it more difficult to collect?

Yes, the older a debt is, the harder it is to collect.

  • Does your company charge an annual fee?

No, we do not charge an annual or monthly fee.

  • What info would you need from me in order to get started?

Your company name, address, fax, phone, and email.
The debtor's contact information, name, address, any contact phone numbers, email etc.
Total amount owed and when it was due.

  • Is there a minimum amount someone needs to owe me in order for you to get involved?

No, we do not have a minimum or maximum limit on accounts placed.

  • Do you purchase the debts outright from us or do you charge a percentage of the debt collected?

A percentage of the debt collected. No charge if nothing is collected.

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