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Our Debt Collection Service is generally based on “No Recovery -- No Fee” on commission basis on monies collected whether paid direct or through our office, once the file is placed with us.

The debtor is contacted directly via telephone, solicitors letter or a field call* and all efforts are made to settle the debt amicably without instigating legal action at the first stage. Most of the assignments are completed at this stage.

In the event our efforts are not successful at first stage we then try to assess the debtors financial situation and assets (not applicable in some countries).

In the event our investigations establish that there are assets that would provide satisfaction of your debt, however the debtor refuses to respond to our attempts to negotiate the recovery, we shall report to you accordingly, advise you if legal action in our opinion is warranted, and if so what costs would be involved. This ensures that you retain at all times control of the file/s and costs associated with such legal actions.

A regular report (bimonthly, monthly, quarterly or as development occurs) is sent to the clients (procedure may defer in some countries)

It is perhaps worth noting, that when legal action is instituted on behalf of our clients we are able to offer substantially reduced legal costs, due to the volume of files that our offices handle, whilst having the local knowledge of the legal system, customs and culture that are often essential in effecting a recovery. More about our strategy.

Experienced collectors:
Our collection staffs have the experience and training to maintain a consistent high rate of recovery. Our training includes sales as well as collection tactics to assist our collectors in getting past the gatekeeper, identifying the decision maker, overcoming objections, and convincing your customer it is in their best interest to pay your outstanding amounts. Each collector has the experience and ability to adjust their techniques as needed to collect your accounts.

Flexible Approach:
CDCS maintains a client profile that identifies the tenor of the collection tactics you want us to use on your accounts. Our standard objective is to collect your accounts while maintaining your relationship with your customer. However, each contact becomes more threatening as circumstances warrant. Further, if you have an account that requires immediate legal action, we can usually get suit filed within a day, depending on the jurisdiction.

Personalized Service:
The same staff member will handle your account from beginning to end. Our acknowledgement will identify the collector handling each account so you know whom to contact should the need arise. That collector will keep you abreast of the status of your account either by phone, email, fax, or regular mail, whichever you prefer.

Comprehensive Reports:
Each collector is trained to report developments to you as they occur or at least every thirty days, whichever is more frequent. Summary reports listing each account or just listing the statistics can be tailored to meet your needs. Whatever statistical information you require can be emailed to you in an Excel format. If you have more than one employee placing accounts, separate accounts can be established for each employee.

Quality Legal/Attorney Services:
If we are unable to collect an account, we forward the account onto an attorney/Legal Advisor in the debtor's area who specializes in commercial and banking court laws. CDCS spends a great deal of time rating the service we get from each attorney to insure you get the best possible representation available. We know your concern is to get the account collected, regardless of whether we collect it or the attorney collects it.
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