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Benefits to outsourcing receivables:
Here are some of the benefits to outsourcing accounts receivable:
     -   Allows you to focus on your core business.
     -   Saves capital expenditure for expensive collection software.
     -   Decreases payroll, benefits and other employee overheads.
     -   Ability to draw on a pool of professional a/r personnel for peak selling periods.
     -   Increase operating cash flow.
     -   Decrease days sales outstanding (DSO).
     -   Decrease net bad debt.
     -   Increase customer and employee satisfaction through professional and thorough management of customer accounts.

     -   Collection of commercial Receivables (A/R), Bad Debts,
     -   CAAP (Credit Application Assistance Programme)
     -   Skip tracing.
     -   Supply of Professional Manpower Services
     -   Experience Business & Consumer Credit Reports

Business Profile presents a current, objective picture of how a business handles its financial obligations and comprehensive public record and legal data, conveying not only the company's ability to pay but also its willingness to pay.

Consumer Credit Profile Report gives you accurate, current and complete information to enhance your decision-making capabilities. Its easy-to-read format, designed with input from our customers, groups similar data elements together for faster analysis.

Other Reports - Social Search, Address Updates, Employment Insight, and Collection Reports are examples of a complete line of resources you need to qualify your customers and reduce the risk of bad debts.

Pre-Collection Dunning Services:
There are many times when you find your department is temporarily understaffed. This can result from a surge in sales, acquisitions, company cutbacks or inexperience due to employee turnover. Whatever the cause, CDCS can tailor a program to help you catch up and stay on top of those aging receivables, including everything from sending dunning letters out on your letterhead to making calls in your name.Unlike many other debt collection agencies, CDCS offers clients a flexible approach to commercial debt collection. Our agency's highly skilled collections staff will work with you directly to insure that each of your accounts is collected in a manner that best suits your needs.

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