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CDCS shall also offer a variety of pre-collection services like Credit Application Assistance Programme (CAAP), consumer credit profiles.
Get the facts; avoid slow paying and fraudulent applicants with a thorough investigation of your potential customer's credit. All too often basic information on a credit application is taken for granted. CDCS will make sure the information on your credit application is correct by verifying phone numbers, corporate status and officers of the company etc. CDCS will also contact bank and trade references to verify the credit worthiness of the potential customer. Credit decisions can be tough. Make sure your decisions are based on facts.

Skip tracing:
Every year millions of people move home.... the bottom line of this is that the majority of these will fail to tell you of their new address resulting in millions of amounts being written off accounts simply because a creditor is unable to make contact with their customer.

We can help you solve the problem of locating gone away cases and reduce the number of write off accounts. Commercial Debt Collection Agency can help you to locate accurate and up-to-date forwarding address information where an individual or company has left their previous address.

'Gone away' cases can be broken down into these main areas: Unintentional, relief seeking and criminal.... people who get into debt will often make some effort to avoid payment which, may simply mean returning mail marked as 'gone away' to moving address and making strenuous efforts to not being found. They may also unintentionally fail to notify you of their new address details.

Dependant upon what is known about your subjects then our skip tracing service can locate up to 90% of 'gone away' cases providing you with accurate and up-to-date forwarding address information.

Our experience has shown that it is extremely difficult to disappear completely... by utilising the most up-to-date information databases and technology available, coupled together with our team skills our service can find most 'Gone-away's'.

Process Serving, Litigation and Judgment Execution One of the most frustrating experiences, is to be unable to locate a person or the assets that will enable a recovery to be effected for you. Through our skip tracing resources in all over the country, supported by our network of accredited agency offices, we are able to carry out this vital task.

We can effect service of legal documentation via our network of experienced investigators, process servers, ensuring fast and efficient service of the documents along with correct and proper affidavits of service necessary for you to obtain your judgement in Court.

The benefits:
· Reduce write off accounts
· Increase profitability
· No trace - no fee policy
· Low trace fees

Direct your enquiry to Mr. Naveed Butt, who will be pleased to assist in the country Recovery office and would be able to meet with you and discuss your needs. Simply E-mail him or submit someone for Skip Tracing Email:

Supply of Professional Manpower Services:
CDCS provides professional manpower services through outsourcing as a third party on contract basis for meeting permanent and temporarily shortage of staff in the organizations. There are many times when you find your department is temporarily understaffed. This can result from a surge in sales, recovery, acquisitions, company cutbacks or inexperience due to employee turnover. Whatever the cause, CDCS can tailor a program to help you catch up and stay on top of those aging receivables, including everything from sending dunning letters out on your letterhead to making calls in your name.

Consultancy on Micro Credit and SMEs Lending:
The Corporate Debt Collection Services, is formed by ex-executives of Banks/DFIs who are having proven record and experience in Micro Credit and SMEs Lending. We provide efficient and effective consultancy services on Micro Credit and SMEs Lending.

I.T. Solutions:
We have a professional team of foreign qualified I.T Professional for web site development, soft ware development and I.T solutions.
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